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Real estate managing

Real estate managing  is  very  hard and diverse process, which  main  assigment  is  to  support and  increase  the  value of  real estate that is  why  managing  is relevant and  necessary.

The  main  aim of  Baltijas Namsaimnieks is  to  set free  our clients  from  different  daily routine and  trivial round.

Well  organized and  realized real estate managing  process guarantee  long-term, useful and quality exploitation of building.

Baltijas Namsaimnieks managing service includes:

  • Room cleaning
    • Common room cleaning
    • Office cleaning
    • Trading room cleaning and equipment putting in order
  • Maintainig of territory
    • Territory daily cleaning
    • Improvement of territory
  • Managing of buildings
    • Electric supply and low intensity current system maintenance
    • Cosmetic renovation of building